Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program for Minors (PRP/M)

The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) at Empowering Minds is designed to promote positive development of a youth’s behavior, social skills and family relationships. The program is person-centered and therefore strives for the empowerment of the consumer, which leads to the attainment of personal goals and objectives.

PRP services are provided in the setting most conducive to enhancing each youth’s own healthy participation in the community.  This may include the youth’s home, foster care home, job site, educational setting or other community sites.  The intensity of services will vary depending upon the youth’s individual needs and/or environment.  With the input of the consumer and family, the the direct care staff establishes specific goals relating to the areas of personal care, time management, organization, social skills, and other skills that will lead the consumer and his or her family to a more positive and productive future!

Our rehabilitation program provides services utilizing various methods of interventions, such as:

These services are targeted to the individual on a one-on-one basis to assist them in developing the skills indicated in their individual treatment plan. This can occur in the larger context of the family, school, etc.

Peer Support Groups
These groups afford the individual the opportunity to develop skills in a setting of their peers. Groups are generally designed to target certain problematic behaviors or issues related to age or gender.

Therapeutic Recreation
These activities encourage the participant to practice and enhance crucial social and behavioral skills while simultaneously developing leisure awareness and problem-solving abilities.

Social Skills and Community Integration Activities:  A crucial element for a service plan for children and adolescents is developing appropriate behavior management as well as learning coping and social skills.  Also, enhanced decision making, and promotion of community integration are applicable for all ages. 

Crisis Services: Intensive support and assistance, as needed, including but not limited to:                   

  1. Providing 1:1 staff support for the individual.
  2. Escorting the individual while accessing needed assistance or services
  3. Information regarding needed services
  4. When necessary, referrals to appropriate health care providers.

Involvement in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program is voluntary and family participation is necessary in nearly all cases. In addition, PRP services are coordinated with other professionals who are closely involved with the individual or family.

Services Include:

  • Coping skills training (learning how to self  manage a diagnosis)
  • Organizational skills management
  • Positive problem solving methods
  • Anger management
  • Relationship building and self-esteem
  • Personal awareness and boundaries
  • Childhood behavioral disorders and sensitivity to kids who live with them
  • Personal hygiene and nutrition

Our services help to:

  • Reduce disruptions in the classroom
  • Increase attention issues
  • Ensure each child has access to community/family supports
  • Provide students with varied extracurricular activities
  • Enhance social/emotional growth
  • Reduce disciplinary referrals, suspensions, grade retentions
  • Modify negative behaviors
  • Enhance service coordination with the school
  • Expand general health education
  • Increase conflict resolution
  • Provide support for transitions


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