Each day individuals come to Empowering Minds looking for hope and seeking guidance and care. Whether they suffer from addiction, are trapped by mental illness or are coping with a developmental disability; we offer solace, sympathy and care based on individual needs and the best practices of integrated behavioral health care.

Clients are renewed by expert care and empowered with new resources, they recover to live rich, full lives. A former client once said it best, “Recovery means… that I can live again, that I can be at peace again, that I can love again and that I can be loved again.”

For over 15 years, Empowering Minds has been committed to new beginnings and is consistently a leader in effective Person Centered treatment. We encourage you to explore our website and contact us for more information about how Empowering Minds can help you, or a loved one, rebuild and renew life.

Stacey Bass and Tiffinie Carroll
Executive Directors