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Empowering Minds Resource Center is a comprehensive behavioral healthcare agency that is based on a holistic, person-centered approach to mental health services for children and families. Our care and treatment solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of every individual in which we service. EMRC specializes in providing clients with a variety home and community-based services. We understand the need to meet individuals where they are. All programs focus on building relationships and maintaining community connections through services that are customized to meet the specific and changing needs of the consumers we serve. Individuals are provided with skills and support to embrace their mental wellness, to enhance the quality of their life and to pursue personally valued roles in their living, learning, work and social environments.

Services are provided without discrimination in a recovery and resiliency based environment which supports individuals with reaching their full potential personally and as community members. Each person is offered hope, empowerment, and a freedom of choice. EMRC offers an array of community based services such as therapy services, case management, community residential programs, peer groups, supported employment, and psychiatric rehabilitation services. Our goal is to help individuals easily access the best quality of care in a supportive, inclusive and non-judgmental environment.

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