The program enrolls children who reside in Maryland. EMRC Mentoring Program works with other organizations to identify the children who have the capacity to participate and are most at need. EMRC Mentoring Program will provide a well-trained volunteer/volunteers mentor for children as long as needed until the child reaches the age of 18 years old.

The mentor’s primary responsibility is establishing a positive relationship of trust with his child. By devoting at least five hours a month of contact with their youngsters, mentors have the opportunity to model healthy and appropriate behavior and nurture the unique talents and individual interests of each child. In addition to stimulating attachment to a caring, consistent, and competent adult, our targeted goals include instilling the motivation for improved academic performance and social skills.

After a one-on-one relationship with an EMRC Mentor is established, to help develop a sense of belonging, an age-appropriate experiential program is delivered at least once a month. Each mentor works with his or her child will set short and long-term goals and reinforce skills introduced in the peer group program. The program encourages these children to maintain high yet achievable individual standards and master certain skills, with an emphasis on academic improvement. At least twice a year the group will performs community service within the child’s communities. A diverse and culturally sensitive group of volunteer mentors works as a team supported by professional staff to implement an experiential life skills learning program.